Dental myths

Oral hygiene is very important for protecting your teeth and gums. Seeking the correct advice for maintaining oral hygiene will help you maintain a healthy smile. We have put together a list of the commons dental hygiene myths and why you shouldn't follow them. Our team have also provided some handy videos of common questions we get asked regarding oral hygiene. You can see these below.

1. Make sure you wet the toothpaste before brushing your teeth

False - Toothpaste already contains water, so wetting it further could dilute it and therefore reduce its effectiveness for cleaning your teeth.

2. Rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after brushing

False - Our teeth are like sponges, absorbing all of the helpful ingredients in toothpaste even after you’ve finished brushing. Just spit away any excess toothpaste.

3. Brush your teeth straight after eating.

False - You should wait 30 minutes after eating or drinking before you brush your teeth. The pH level in your mouth changes when you eat and drink, making your mouth more acidic. Brushing straight away moves all that acid around your mouth, potentially causing more damage and increasing the risk of erosion

    Older Ladies Having Coffee

    4. Brush your teeth nice and hard

    False - There’s no need to scrub your teeth hard while brushing, as it can damage the tooth surface and cause your gums to recede. Softer brushing in a circular motion is best.

    5. Just brush your teeth, don't brush your gums.

    False - You should focus on the gum line when brushing your teeth, as this is where all the plaque sits, so put the toothbrush half on the tooth and half on the gum. 

    hygiene advice

    Our guide to mouth ulcers and how to manage them.

      Hygiene advice

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